It's time to feel great
in your body again.

Functional Medicine Health Consulting
with Martina Harms

It's time to feel great
in your body again.

Functional Medicine Health Consulting with Martina Harms

Let's boost your energy, achieve your ideal weight, improve digestion, clear away brain fog, and get to the root of nagging symptoms that are keeping you from feeling great.

Hi! I’m Martina

I work with people who are struggling with persistent health issues that they’d like to be rid of, once and for all: busy professionals, burnt out parents, entrepreneurs, healthcare workers, teachers, students, artists, retired seniors, and everyone in between! 

This is actually something ANYBODY can benefit from — simply by learning what’s going on inside your body!

Are you frustrated with traditional medical visits, where you wait forever, only to see your provider for 15 minutes? Or doctors who rush you out with a prescription before you can even scratch the surface of what’s going on in your life?  Or even worse, being told that your labs are “normal,” when you feel anything but normal?  

This is where you need someone who not only BELIEVES in you, but has helped countless people with the exact same issues and has the experience to do the same for you.

Health Consulting

I will work with you to develop a totally personalized, 100% custom-tailored health plan that’s based on how YOUR body works, not just how ANY body works.

No cookie-cutter meal plans or blanket recommendations.
And the result will be feeling better — mentally and physically — than you have in YEARS.

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